About Pet Restraints

About Pet Restraints

Pet Restraints and/or Containment are necessary for safety, since dogs are prone to run off and quickly become lost, injured or worse.

There are two general categories; Fenced Enclosures and Tie-out Tethers, each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

While Fenced Enclosures may offer containment, they are not always practical, affordable or secure, as dogs often find a means of escape by either climbing over or digging their way out from under fences.

A Tie-out Tether is simply a leash secured to a ground anchored stake, tree, post or immovable object.

 The only advantage to Tie-out Tethers is that they are portable and inexpensive.

The disadvantages, however, are considerable.

Aside from the fact that they drag on the ground, tear up lawns and get hung up on other ground objects, Tie-out Tethers expose pets to the constant risk of entanglement which has often resulted in dogs suffering severe limb injuries and even death by strangulation.

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