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About Freedom Tether

Daniel Judson and Tom Healy with Fury, his Belgian Malinois

Daniel Judson and Tom Healy with Fury, DK’s Belgian Malinois

Although we’ve both had pets for many years, neither Tom Healy nor I have a background in the pet supply industry. Tom has worked in engineering throughout his professional career and I have over thirty years in the truck fleet maintenance industry.

What we share in common is a strong and uncompromising commitment to safety and product integrity. And those qualities are reflected in the design and development of the Freedom Tether; the simplest and most comprehensive solution to pet tie-outs.

I’ve been using and testing this product on my family’s dog on a daily basis throughout the nearly five years of its development and I continue to marvel at how safe, practical and convenient it is.

Our hope is that you will enjoy the many advantages and benefits of the Freedom Tether.

We eagerly welcome your feedback. Just use our Contact Page to let us know.

With our kindest wishes,

Daniel Judson and Tom Healy

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