INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Choose a Safe Location: Using your retractable leash at its fully extended length, plus an additional 5ft, walk in a full 360 degree circle from the point where the Freedom Tether is to be installed to make sure it will provide a safe range of movement for your pet that is free of obstructions that the leash could get wrapped around and restrict movement, or ledges that the dog could fall over and become suspended.

(Please note that retractable leashes are available in a variety of lengths)

Once a safe location has been determined, you are ready to install the anchor stake.

Because rocks may be encountered in the soil which could damage or prevent installation of the stake, it is helpful to drive a 2 ft. length of steel rod, “rebar” or the equivalent, no more than 16” into the ground first.

While doing so, every few inches “enlarge” the hole by manually moving the steel rod in a (4”diameter) circular motion This will provide a “pilot hole” to guide the stake, aids in removal of the steel rod and makes for easier installation of the stake.

NOTE: Special attention should be made to ensure that the stake is installed in an upright vertical position and not tilted at an angle. The use of a “mini torpedo level” while driving the steel rod, rebar or equivalent into the ground will greatly aid in keeping the stake and tether-post in an upright/vertical position and will also reduce any possibility of the leash becoming wound around the post).

CAUTION: When installing the stake, DO NOT strike the stake directly with a hammer. Instead, always use a block of wood in between to avoid product damage. (Installation is complete when the “shoulder” makes full contact with the soil.) Once installed, simply insert the tether pole fully into the stake socket

STAKE REMOVAL: Using the ‘claw’ end of a “claw hammer” or pry bar, simply pry the stake out of the ground

When mowing, remove the tether pole from the stake and reinsert immediately after mowing to avoid dirt filling the pole socket. Regularly check that the post is fully inserted into the stake. Avoid using a weed trimmer around the base of the Freedom Tether as it may damage the pole.

Check the tension and condition of your retractable leash regularly.

Discard if damaged.


  • DO NOT use this product for dogs weighing more than fifty (50) pounds.
  • DO NOT use this product in loose or sandy soil, as the tether assembly may pull out of the ground.
  • This product is only recommended for use with a Retractable Leash. (Leash not included.)
  • Ensure there are no underground utilities that could be struck when installing the stake.
  • Never tether your dog near any obstacle in which the dog can become entangled or suspended. Owner supervision and judgment are required.
  • Maintain observation of your pet while connected to the tether.
  • This product is designed for use as a temporary restraint for dogs.
  • Some states and local jurisdictions have laws and ordinances that prohibit or limit tethering of animals. Please be aware of applicable laws.

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