The Solution

The Solution

With Freedom Tether your *Retractable Leash can now be used as a tie-out!

Since the constant risk of entanglement begins at ground level, the solution is to keep the tether OFF the ground.

So long as a *Retractable Leash maintains tension and does not come into contact with the ground, the opportunity for a dog to straddle its leash and become entangled is effectively eliminated.

You already know its advantages when walking your dog. Now you can enjoy the unique safety benefits and hands-free convenience of using your retractable leash as a tie-out with the Freedom Tether.

No dragging on the ground. No tearing up lawns. No getting hung up on ground objects.

The Freedom Tether provides a securely anchored and vertically mounted flexible post with an elevated swivel attaching hook that, used in conjunction with a *Retractable Leash,

(a) allows the pet to move about freely within a secure and limited safe range,
(b) minimizes risk of entanglement injury,
(c) significantly reduces recoil injury-potential to the pet,
(d) eliminates injury potential to the pet owner and,
(e) eliminates the lawn-damaging effects common to existing tie-outs.

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